Costs updated October 2013

The member's rates for flying are detailed below.

Flight instruction is available:
For our Cessna contact Nick Taylor,4493037, 021-428392. For Gliders contact John Robinson on 448-7863

Item cost Or... Comments
Cessna 172 $5.80 per min (aerotow) $230 per hour solo Instruction available
Twin Astir $1.25 per min $75 per hour 2-seat high performance trainer
Winch launches $25   A great winch!

Also ...there's a maximum glider charge equivalent to of 2.5 hrs, which means fly for say 6 hrs and you're only charged for 2.5hrs. This is designed to encourage cross-country soaring flights (only applicable if no-one else has the glider booked!)

Prepay option
It is now possible to prepay for a year's glider time and get a good discount if you fly a large number of hours. Generally the discount rate is 2/3rds but contact us for the current terms. Note that this is for glider time only and you must pay for launching as per usual. There will be no refunds.
Download the application form if you are interested in this option.

We can also arrange trial instuctional flights in our Cessna. These are $120.

Medical form (Gliding)
The medical requirement for gliding is similar to that required for driving a car. Your GP needs to sign the form. If you take passengers the medical lasts 5 years (if under 40 years old), or 2years (40-49), 1year (50+). See the form for full details.
Download the form

Full flying membership $200 and the "year" runs to March 31st. Joining between Oct 1st to Dec 31st we'll only charge you half. Join after Jan 1st and we'll charge you nothing for the current year but still extract $200 which will cover the year ahead....follow?
School students are $50 and Associate members are $100 (no part year discount).

Click here for front page of membership form (pdf)
...and here for back page of membership form (pdf)

But wait...there's more! We'll also charge you for RNZAC if you wish (power pilots usually), and NZGA (Gliding). These are the national Affiliations you should join. Glider pilots must also subscribe to "Soaring Kiwi" which an excellent magazine published on behalf of NZGA. This magazine is also the main way of communicating news and important safety info to glider pilots.

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