6.1 General

Please read this section for the correct description and operation of this equipment.

6.2 Control Description

Following diagram shows the position of the controls.

Volume and On/Off control: Turn fully anti-clockwise to switch off. Turn clockwise to switch on and adjust volume up.

Squelch (mute) control: This outer ring control adjusts the mute threshold. Clockwise for up or closed.

Priority: Activating this control will switch to memory location 25. It also doubles as memory channel delete.

LED Indicator.

  • A clear display indicates a muted receive condition.
  • Steady green indicates Squelch open or a signal present.
  • Steady red indicates a transmit condition.
  • Flashing red indicates that the PTT has been on for longer than 40 seconds. (This is helpful for indicating a possible jammed PTT switch, which can interfere with others and flatten your battery).

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