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Southern Gliding Where's the flying?
A google group for planning the days's gliding in Otago and Southland

Learn to Fly!
For 2016 a gliding training package is available that is designed to take new members up to first solo. Details HERE

Come Flying!

Our main club activity takes place every Sunday, although we fly other days at times.

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Welcome to the Website of the Central Otago Flying Club (COFC). We are a small Flying and Gliding club situated in Alexandra, in the South Island of New Zealand. We're blessed with uncluttered airspace and lots of fine weather for aviating about our stunning landscape.

Our club owns two aircraft: a newly refurbished Cessna 172, and a 2-seater Twin Astir glider. We own a large hanger at the local airport and have comfortable clubrooms right by the taxiway. Alexandra has a good sealed runway and wide grass vectors. We welcome new pilots for flight training in our Cessna or glider. We have 3 gliding instructors, and power instruction is available by arrangement. Glider launching is by aerotow or winch.

Our club actively promotes aviation for all ages. For example we hosted a "buddys flying day" during 2015. This enabled a group of local children, whose life circumstances indicate the need for additional mentoring and support, the opportunity to experience a flight in one of several light aircraft made available by generous club members.

We're also very pleased to announce a new flying scholarship for young persons. Entries close 13th November 2015. See HERE for details and HERE for the entry form.

* For 2016 - 2017 season *
Learn to fly gliders!. We have a new training package available to take you to solo standard. For $2500 you get prepaid flight time, instruction and night classes. See HERE for full details, or CONTACT the club to find out more about other flight training opportunities with the COFC.

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